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Thunder Bay Reptiles Shows

What are the show all about?

The Animal Show are an fun, education, interesting, learning experience for people young and old. Also in the show we have "life sessons" that will help them be safe in the general day to day life that most of us don't think about to much anymore. We are one of a few that can take young and old, teach them all about animal and not lose one on the way. We do all type of show and here are some of them

All Reptiles: Is a mix of lizards, snake, turtles, tortoises and Amphibians in the fun hands on way

All Small Animal: Is any thing like rabbits, rats, and animal along that like. But there is NO DOGS OR CATS.

All Birds: Is a mix of pet birds from finches to macaws.

We also have what we call display shows at we put some or a lot of animals on display so all people can get up close to see them. Plan and simple animals are in cages but are taking out to do Photos and a stage shows. These shows are for all day or at lest 6 hours.

Now you can mix 1, 2 or all 3 shows into a 1 hour show, but all show go over that 1 hour and there is NO CHARGE for that.

The Show are a party and can be book for any occasion like a Birthday, wedding ( yes we have done a few), malls, fairs, Car shows, schools and daycares.

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If you are looking for TOP QUALITY Reptiles, Birds and Small Animals don't hesitate to send an Email or phone us but must go to Our Contact page to get our info. All calls Between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pmET ONLY. T-Shirts, Hats, and Sweaters are available at request as well. 

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Thunder Bay Reptiles Breeders site is brought to you in order to supply you with these exotic Pets. We urge you to read up on all of the information on this site as it provides a perfect tutorial into keeping and mantaining your Pets
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