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Thunder Bay Reptiles Terms & Conditions


*PAYMENT PLANS ON ANIMAL WE HAVE ONLY. All we need is a 25% deposit of the cost unless buyer and seller agree to something else, the deposit is 100% non refundable. But must be pay in full within about 6 six month unless other agreements are made
.*FREE SHIPPING!!!! ON all order over $1000.00(without boxing fee and taxes on ANIAML ONLY) Wholesale does not count in this.
*50% OFF SHIPPING!!!! ON all order over $500.00(without boxing fee and taxes on ANIAML ONLY) Wholesale don't not count in this.
.*FREE SHIPPING!!!! ON all order over $2000.00(without boxing fee and taxes on ANIAML ONLY) ON WHOLESALE ORDERS
*Payment Plans are setup by a person to person basis and how much they are buying.
*Payment can be made by Paypal but add on 4% to the final total. or by CASH, CHECK, EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER, DIRECT DEPOSIT INTO OUR ACCOUNT or MONEY ORDERS
All captive bred animals are guaranteed for 72-hours provided you pick them up within two hours of arrival.
*Credit or Replacements are given at our discretion.
*You must notify us of any problems within the 72-hour time period for the guarantee to apply.
*All animals must be housed properly for the guarantee to apply.
*If you are pleased with your order we would like to know as well.
*Thunder Bay Reptiles are not responsible for shipping problem.
* Shipping can be done by Air Freight, Courier or Reptile Express.
* Thunder Bay Reptiles is not responsible if animals arrival dead when you decide to uses Courier.
* Shipping with Courier must be paid up front before animals go out, Unless you have an account with one.
* You are responsible for shipping charges. Unless you get the $1000.00 (without boxing fee and taxes on ANIAML ONLY) orders shipping it free.
* Order over $500.00 (without boxing fee and taxes on ANIAML ONLY) You paid half and we paid half. But with this deal the shipping must be paid upfront.
* Remember this is a expected offspring list. If something fails to reproduce we are as disappointed as you are.
* Please ask about Quantity Discounts.
* There is a $10.00 box charge on all orders, but for small animals or birds that will be more.
*When you are buying small animals and you must pay for shipping crates.
* If you are not happy with the Animal. We sent you or arrived dead you must send them back first at our cost before we send you one that you pick from the new Photos. Or we wilI send you your money back.
*Photos will be send to you by emails only

Our Reservation Policy
At the present time we do not accept deposits BUT DO payment plans on animal that we have already. If you wish to reserve an animal(s) you simply need to call or email us and let us know. Info needed to do this is name, address, phone number, animal(s) wanted and email address. We will put you on the list in the order we receive your call or emails. When your animals are ready we will call you. If still interested you will have 10 days to make full payment. After this time we will assume you changed your mind and move down the list. We are strict with this policy in order to give everyone a chance.



Thunderbay, Ontario
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If you are looking for TOP QUALITY Reptiles, Birds and Small Animals don't hesitate to send an Email or phone us but must go to Our Contact page to get our info. All calls Between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pmET ONLY. T-Shirts, Hats, and Sweaters are available at request as well. 

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Thunder Bay Reptiles Breeders site is brought to you in order to supply you with these exotic Pets. We urge you to read up on all of the information on this site as it provides a perfect tutorial into keeping and mantaining your Pets
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