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Buying a Puppy or kitten from a pet store?

Many pet stores sell sick puppies and kittens. Be careful and make sure that the store does not aquire the pets from puppy mills. Its found that large industries are abusing animals and caging pets for life in order to mass breed them. This is a major form of animal abuse. If you see how these animal are kept it would make you sick. Help stop the pain of the animals and get the word out to avoid puppy mill provided pet stores and breeders.

The Coalition for Canine Education and the CKC ( you can go to your web site at [ )
The following is an excerpt from the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) policy statement, which we hope you will consider before purchasing a new puppy.
"The Canadian Kennel Club encourages prospective purchasers to take time in the selection of their new puppy. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and as such, understanding the responsibilities of dog ownership is very important.
Most puppies sold in pet stores are alone from their litter mates and not with their mother - often for several weeks prior to being sold. We encourage new owners to purchase their puppy from breeders who raise their puppies on their own premises, where they can share the important first few weeks of life with their litter mates and their parents.
The CKC also discourages the "impulse" purchasing of dogs and as such cannot support the merchandising of live dogs in a retail environment.
Help eliminate "puppy mills" by purchasing healthy, happy dogs from a reputable breeder. Mass produced puppies frequently make their way into the marketplace and as a caution to all potential buyers, The Canadian Kennel Club advises that you NEVER buy on impulse and before purchasing, visit the breeder's kennel.
The quality of animals being sold can vary significantly so "BUYERS BEWARE." Find a reputable breeder, get a detailed receipt and totally understand the guarantee."
The Coalition for Canine Education




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